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Plumbing Maintenance

Your home is one of your biggest investments. Maintaining it should be a preventative measure and not an afterthought. Plumbing maintenance can be a huge deterrent to those pesky and annoying water issues. Properly maintaining your entire plumbing system can help prevent those unwanted and, sometimes, costly repairs.
Did you know that most water heater manufacturers recommend the water heater to be flushed every year? Over the course of their lifetime, water heaters collect sediment and other particles that make it inefficient and work harder to provide your hot water on a daily basis
We offer a biannual drain cleaning treatment that helps prevent buildup in the lines that can cause blockages or possibly stoppages. Every day, grease, grime, and soap scum get flushed down your line without you knowing. This can build up on your drainage system and cause unnecessary stoppages and possible back ups into your home.
Sewer camera inspection can help prevent and detect tree roots before they become the root of your plumbing problem. A biannual camera inspection of your main sewer line can help prevent any bellies, blockages, or tree roots from interrupting your plumbing services.
Annually testing your plumbing system can help avoid those increasing water bills from a sneaky leak. Your toilet may be leaking and you don’t even notice. There could be a leak in the faucet supply line under your sink and you don’t realize it. There are many ways to catch the drip before it becomes a flow.
Pressure in your plumbing system can build over time. Simply Plumbing & Sewer tests the water pressure twice a year for Live Simply Plan member to detect an increase between visits. Knowing the pressure helps to prevent a leak from becoming something major.
Wrapping your pipes with fresh insulation can help prevent your pipes from freezing during the colder months. Anyone who experienced the freeze in Texas this year, knows that protecting the exterior pipes is crucial to prevent those unexpected freezes from wreaking havoc on your pipes.

What about your main shut off valve? Do you know how to turn your water off in an emergency? Live Simply Plan members receive an inspection to ensure these are all properly maintained and easily accessible. Testing the emergency stops in your home can help ensure they work if and when you need them.

With our Live Simply Plan, we come out twice a year to maintain your home’s plumbing and provide a visual inspection of your exposed plumbing system. This also includes dye testing your toilet to make sure that there aren’t any leaks. We also help you prepare for Mr. Winter by insulating pipes exposed to the cold. We offer biannual drain treatments that help break down grease and other things washed down your sink. We even treat your air conditioner’s condensate line to help break down sludge and prevent it from building up in your plumbing system. Sewer camera inspection allows you to see what the interior of your plumbing system actually looks like. Knowing is half the battle of preventing and maintaining your plumbing system. Call the Residential Service and Repair Specialists at Simply Plumbing & Sewer today at 832-732-5098 to allow us to come provide the plumbing maintenance your home needs.

Members of our Live Simply Plan also have a continued savings for the year if any plumbing issues occur. The members also have 24-hour emergency service available to them, and them alone. If they do need our services, they are our priority! During normal business hours, members do not pay a dispatch fee. Extended parts and labor warranties are provided with this plan just for allowing us to come provide maintenance on your home.

On select items, we will guarantee the parts and labor as long as you participate in our Live Simply plan. Allow us to maintain your home and help cut down on those pesky repair costs. Call Simply Plumbing & Sewer at (832)732-5098 to get more details.


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Simply Plumbing & Sewer (Wes Courville, owner) is the company and person you should choose to handle any plumbing issue you may have. Not only is he very knowledgeable in his trade, but he also works tirelessly to get the job done right. He always looks out for his customers and is an honest and fair man. He is a community-minded business owner and individual. He and his workers helped to get my pipes repaired and replaced after the February freeze and corrected a botched job done by another company.
Dawn K. Katy, TX Lorem ipsum, AB
This company is a jewel among plumbers! Wes Courville and his assistant were extremely thorough, polite, knowledgeable, competent, and professional. Wes is a sincere person and I trust him. I hired Simply Plumbing to repair a leak; Wes discovered corroded pipes throughout the home. As my home is over 40 years old, I did not hesitate to hire Simply Plumbing to repipe my entire house, and have absolute confidence that the job will be well done. A first class company that I am happy to recommend!
Kathy J. Houston, TX Lorem ipsum, AB
Wes Courville was our technician, and he was very professional and completed our repairs. He was very detailed with his explanation about his work. He was courteous and we would highly recommend Simply Plumbing to anyone needing certain clean out and plumbing repairs.
Bill A. Spring, TX Lorem ipsum, AB
They are dependable and their pricing is fair. They are very personable, and they want to make sure that they have met all your needs!

Sherry X. Lorem ipsum, AB

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